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Abundance Crystal Grid


This Abundance crystal grid belongs in the Wealth and Abundance corner of your home!

Our focus stone is Citrine, a popular stone used in Feng Shui.

Citrine is the greatest crystal for wealth! Its bright yellow color fills the heart with joy and positive energy with a simple glance. It naturally raises vibration, which is key to speeding up the manifestation process.

Pyrite is well-known for being a great stone for attracting abundance. This fool’s gold amplifies your intentions towards success, boosting the probability that you will achieve exactly what you set out to do.

Clear Quartz is the master healing crystal. Its power to bring wealth lies in its
magnifying strength. Clear Quartz is amongst the best-known amplifiers, meaning it can be used to manifest any intention. But most importantly, you can combine it with money crystals like Green Aventurine and Citrine to attract wealth!

Green Aventurine is a crystal of luck and opportunity. It helps you come up with
new ideas and inspiration, and teaches you that your talents are limitless.

Ruby increases wealth and prosperity while increasing one’s manifestation abilities.

Black Tourmaline grounds your true-life purpose into your heart. Black tourmaline is a powerful, protective, and lucky stone.


Measures 10 x 10 inches

*each grid varies slightly as every crystal is unique in shape and color

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