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The Bodyguard Crystal Grid


We all want extra grounding and protection for ourselves and our loved ones, don't we?

At Le Petit Crystal we are always looking for beautiful ways to infuse the magical properties of earth's crystals into daily life. Enhance your living or work space energetically and aesthetically.

Each stone brings its own frequency and vibration to the grid.

For the Bodyguard, our focus stone is Specular Hematite.
Specular Hematite is also called Specularite. It is high vibrational Hematite that grounds and raises your consciousness level, bringing it into everyday activity.  This stone is your cosmic anchor, counteracting negative electromagnetic energies.

We surrounded it with:

Black Tourmaline- The granddaddy of protection, grounding and absorbing negative energies.

Amethyst- because its high vibration absorbs stressful energies and creates an air of tranquility in the space while also protecting.

Clear Quartz- Brings clarity and amplifies the properties of the other crystals.

Hematite- Hematite is a grounding stone that is mostly used for protection and stability.

Pyrite-  is a highly protective stone. Can give one the willpower to follow projects through to completion.

Ruby- is said to bring good luck and protection.

Blue Kyanite- is great for protection because of its high frequencies, allowing you stay in your own power, preventing negativity from finding a foot hold.

Citrine- It is a wonderful crystal for protection as it absorbs negative energy and transmutes it into positivity and calmness.

Frame measures 10 x 10

*each grid varies slightly as each crystal stone is unique in shape and color

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